NTICE 2023: Indigenous Content a Driving Force in Boosting Nigeria’s Economy


By Abdulrahman Aliagan, Abuja.

The second edition of the Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content Expo (NTICE 2023) held at Landmark Center, Lagos, and it was indeed a remarkable event. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) organized the event, themed “Harnessing Indigenous Content for Economic Growth: Networking to Boost Investment.”

The Executive Vice Chairman NCC, Professor Umar Dambatta, in his welcome address emphasized the importance of the expo, saying it was a platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations, products, and services in the telecommunication industry. He appreciated the efforts of the Nigerian government in creating an ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of the industry, adding that “the telecom industry can play a catalytic role in diversifying the country’s economy.”

Dambatta noted that the event is not only an exhibition but gathering of industry players that embodies the spirit of innovation, resilience, collaboration, and progress.

 “NTICE is not only an exhibition but it is also a gathering of industry players that embodies the spirit of innovation, resilience, collaboration, and progress. It presents a remarkable opportunity to celebrate and showcase Nigeria’s achievements in the world of telecommunications, technology, as well as indigenous content creation and adoption. As we delve into the heart of NTICE 2023 via the Expo, Pitch and Panel sessions, we are called upon to recognize the transformative power of domestic innovation and the pivotal role it plays in shaping digital future of nations, their economies and their futures.

“Without any doubt, the Nigerian Telecoms Sector is amongst the biggest contributors to socio-economic growth of the country, as evidenced by the numerous achievements of the sector. It is not out of place to mention that the sector’s performance was instrumental to lifting Nigeria out of recession with 12.45% contribution to the GDP in Q4 2020. This figure increased to 14.13% as at Q1 2023. The Sector is also home to two (2) of the most valuable listed companies in Nigeria with a collective market capitalization in excess of N10.45 trillion.” He added.

The NCC EVC recalled also that. “the Commission in 2021 and 2022, generated revenue in excess of USD$820m from the auction and grant of 3.5GHz Spectrum band licences to three operators to boost the deployment of Fifth Generation (5G) services in Nigeria. This placed Nigeria on the global 5G map ahead of many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It is also important to note that while Quality of Service and Quality of Experience in telecommunications services in Nigeria have continued to improve, tariffs have remained stable notwithstanding the increase in cost-of-service provision to the telecom operators. In order to sustain and further improve Quality of Service and Quality of Experience in telecommunications services in Nigeria, we must embrace indigenous content and value creation within the telecoms value chain, otherwise, increase in telecoms tariff will be inevitable.

“The Commission is fully committed to the drive of the Federal Government to place the Nigerian Economy on a sustainable pedestal through all the necessary policies put in place. When we created the Nigeria Office for Development of Indigenous Telecoms Sector (NODITS) as a Special Purpose Vehicle under the Commission to drive the National Policy for Promotion of Indigenous Content in the Nigerian Telecommunications Sector in July 2021, the Office was given four areas of focus: Manufacturing, Human Capacity, Research & Development (R&D) and Software & Services development for the telecoms sector.”

In his opening remarks, the Team Lead NODITS of the NCC, Engr. Babangana Digima highlighted the relevance of indigenous content in the growth and development of the Nigerian telecommunication industry. He stated that the industry had great potential, and the utilization of local content would help to create jobs, stimulate economic development, and empower local entrepreneurs.

we have convened here to celebrate the rich tapestry of ideas, talents, and innovations that define Nigeria’s telecom industry. This event stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering homegrown solutions that not only drive economic prosperity but also propel us towards a future brimming with endless possibilities.


According to the Team Lead, “In an era where connectivity is the backbone of progress, where the digital realm intertwines with every facet of our lives, our nation’s telecom industry stands as a beacon of advancement. It is not just about communication, but about empowerment, education, healthcare, commerce, and beyond. As we gather here today, we recognize that the key to unlocking the immense potential lies in our ability to harness the wealth of indigenous content, to leverage our unique perspectives and talents, and to channel them towards the greater good.”


Engr. Digima acknowledged that the expo is not just a congregation of like-minded individuals; it’s a nexus of innovation and creativity. It’s a platform where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are forged, and collaborations are born. It’s a space where the synergy of diverse minds transforms into actionable strategies that will propel us towards new horizons of economic growth and sustainable development.


He added that, “Over the course of this event, we will delve deep into discussions that transcend conventional boundaries. We will explore how indigenous content can be a catalyst for economic growth, how networking can foster investment, and how the intersection of technology and culture can lead us to the forefront of global innovation.


“I encourage each one of you to actively engage, share your insights, and absorb the wisdom that permeates these halls. The connections you make, the conversations you have, and the ideas you generate during this expo could very well be the seeds of transformation that Nigeria’s telecom industry needs to flourish.”





The NTICE 2023 brought together stakeholders in the telecommunication industry, both local and international. There were exhibitions showcasing innovative products and services from local entrepreneurs, while several investors and business owners seized the opportunity to network and discuss business collaborations.

One of the highlights of the event was the panel sessions, which had renowned experts, policymakers, and industry players discussing related topics.
The expo provided a platform for local entrepreneurs to interact with potential investors, thereby bridging the gap between business owners and investors.

The NTICE 2023 reiterates the importance of indigenous content in the telecommunication industry, and the possibilities that lie therein. It was an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations, products, and services, and network with potential investors. The success of the event proves that the Nigerian telecommunication industry has great potential, and the utilization of indigenous content can be a driving force in boosting Nigeria’s economy.

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