Flying car passes flight tests, cleared for take-off

A dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle has passed flight tests and cleared for takeoff in Slovakia

A statement by Klein Vision, the company behind the car-aircraft vehicle, stated that after 70 hours of “rigorous flight tests,” Slovak Transport Authority has awarded the “AirCar” an official Certificate of Airworthiness.

According to the company, over 200 takeoffs and landings were included in the test flights, stating that it is compatible with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards.

“The challenging flight tests included the full range of flight and performance manoeuvres and demonstrated an astonishing static and dynamic stability in the aircraft mode, ” the company said.

The company also made it known that they hope to commercialise the “AirCar” and make it available within 12 months. They, however, stated that a pilot license is required to fly the hybrid vehicle.


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