Nigerian religious leaders worse than political rulers, says Aisha Yesufu

Human rights activist Aisha Yesufu has said that religious leaders in Nigeria are worse than those in governance, adding that they benefit from bad governance. She also said the situation helps religious leaders “sell cheap miracles and power points”.

Yesufu said this in response to a post by William Folorunsho Kumuyi, the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, in which the latter warned Christians not to hate those in government.

In response to those in government failing to deliver on pre-election promises, Kumuyi spoke out against the destruction of private and public property.

“We teach that if you’re a genuine believer in [Jesus] Christ, you wouldn’t hate your neighbour. Nor would you disdain those in power because they appear not to be delivering on electoral pledges such that you would go on the rampage, destroying government property or pillaging the public till,” wrote the clergyman.”

He added: “We teach a linear life of Christian walk: you can’t be a saint on Sunday and a monster on Monday.”

However, Yesufu, who was one of the leaders of the #EndSARS protests in October 2020, which resulted in the destruction of private and public property, chastised religious leaders for their role in the country’s situation.

“Religious rulers in Nigeria are worse than political rulers,” she posted on Twitter on Tuesday. “They keep the people enslaved. They also need bad governance to sell cheap miracles and power points!

“Until you free people from the clutches of their mallams, pastors, dibias, babalawos & boka, nothing will change.”


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